Sunday, May 18, 2008

State Track

So we just got back from state track last night. It was a very good week-end. The boys team took second, which they weren't suppose to do and the girls team took second. They just about pulled off the upset. They lost by 7 1/2 points! One of the girls who throws the disc and shot put set a new school record in the disc. She threw over 117 feet, 15 feet farther than her best throw all year. She was so excited. It is fun to see kids who work hard and are very coachable have the success they deserve to have. McKenzie didn't run anything at state. It was a coaches decision. She isn't the fastest person in the world, but she does run.

So we woke up one morning and there was a moose behind the house. Mom just had to take a picture of McKenzie. The moose just stayed there as she took the picture. The moose has been with us all winter long and was used to us. I just thought it was a cute picture of the moose. FYI the moose is the dark one.

Brady is a trainer now and doing well on his mission. Kennan is excited as the Lakers have moved on in the playoffs. Kandyce is on her way to Colorado to do a volleyball camp for Chad Teichert. This is her first camp as head coach. She's a little nervous. Mom is still mom and dad is getting excited as the school year begins to come to a close. Just seven more days (who's counting).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Time Blogger

So, we decided to start our own blog seeing how our children have one set up. So we got to call Brady on his mission in Latvia. It took us over a half an hour before we finally got through. Ellen kept trying until we almost gave up and then the call went through. It was great and he sounds great. His companion, Elder Doane is going home tomorrow and Brady will start being a trainer in two days. He is in Jelgava and he will be in charge of the group there. It is so small that it doesn't even count as a branch. His mission president is going to bring the Church Handbook to him so that he can set up a branch. He also has to meet with one of the Area Presidents. 

Kennan is a little disappointed now that his Lakers are all tied up with the Jazz. He is in pee wee basketball now and he loves it.