Saturday, April 25, 2009


Okay, its been awhile, but I do have some excuses. I've been busy, so there. Actually as the weather got warmer, our internet got slower. For some reason, with Spring run-off, our internet goes really slow. So slow that it takes forever to load a page. Trying to upload pictures was frustrating. so I quit for awhile. Now that the snow is gone, we'll get going.

Here is the news that everyone already knows, but the wrestlers took state again. Ellen and I went to state and I broadcasted with Mike, Zane, and Stan, while Ellen took tons of pictures. It was an exciting time. The next week was state basketball. The girls went on and took 3rd. That has been their best finish for a long time. Here is McKenzie warming up at the Events Center.

Here is a shot of her and Olivia getting ready to enter the game. If you look real close, you can see a lot of people have at least one of their hands up to their mouth.

This was the game against Kaycee, which the girls won pretty easily. This next picture is all of the sophomores playing. Maddie Petersen is shooting the free throw, Holly Grandy is on the right side and Lauren Fiscus on the left, with Olivia #14 and McKenzie back.

Here is the team picture of the girls with the third place trophy. They lost to Southeast, but beat St. Stephens for third.

During the state tournament, Coach Brian Toomer asked me if I would be willing to take over as head coach of the volleyball team. He actually said that I would be more in charge because I do a lot for the team any way. He is stepping down to coach football. Coach Briant Teichert has stepped down as junior high/high school coach. Coach Dayton asked Brian if he would be willing to step in. Coach Toomer has his boys that are now starting to play football and this will give him a great opportunity to watch them play football. It will be tough to do volleyball without Coach Toomer. I really enjoyed working with him. He is a good coach and tries to do things that would help the girls achieve their potential. He will be sorely missed. So now I am the head coach looking for an assistant.

Kandyce came home for her birthday and here is a picture of her blowing out her candles on her chocolate roll. Yes, the kids would rather have chocolate roll than a birthday cake. In fact, here is Kennan blowing out his roll too.

It is hard to believe that Kennan is now 12 and holds the priesthood. His first Sunday passing the sacrament, I couldn't find him sitting with his mother. Then it dawned on me that he was sitting with the deacons.

Also on Kennan's birthday, the Junior Prom was held. It was held in the auditorium. It was a unique experience. The parents sat in the audience and the kids danced on the stage. To honest, it was the easiest way to hold a prom. Not a lot of decorating. It did look nice though. Here is a picture of the McKenzie in the dress that Ellen had bought for her.

Track season has started. McKenzie, with the Thompson speed, decided she wouldn't do track. She asked me if I would work with her lifting weights, doing plyos and some setting. So we have been doing that for the last 6 weeks. Her strength has improved a lot, as well as her foot speed. Her setting is pretty good. But it is tough trying to do things with a bucket as your hitter. Sometimes when some of the track kids are done doing their thing, they come and play.

With track season going on, of course we have the greatest weather of all during this time of year. Here is one of the storms that happened by.

The big news here at home right now is that McKenzie got her hair cut. At first I didn't like the idea, but after seeing her with the hair cut, I kind of like it. This is what it looks like, sort of, I guess.

The other big news is that Ellen and I are trying to decide if we want to enlarge our front room or just what to do about things. Ellen did have both bathrooms floor redone. Something about the toilets leaking and causing the floorboards to buckle caused her to make the decision. I guess that has been one of the problems of marrying a computer nerd instead of a contractor. I can fix a computer, but I can't fix anything dealing with tools. Here is the front bathroom new floor (Ellen also painted both bathrooms).

And here is the back bathroom.

All in all the family is doing really well. Kandyce is engaged to be married on the 7th of August. They couldn't have chosen a better day. Ellen and I were married on that day and it has been the greatest blessing for me. Kandyce is also almost done with school. She just has to do her student teaching next fall and she is officially done.

Brady is doing well on his mission. After spending almost a full year in one area, he was moved to the big city of Riiga. At first it was tough to go from a little place to a big place, but with the Lord's help, he and his companion are finding people to teach.

You've already heard a lot about McKenzie. She is doing well in school. Kennan is excited that the NBA playoffs are finally here. His Lakers are doing well and he is excited. He has been coming to the school to shoot hoops while McKenzie lifts weights. Now he is running with the junior high tracksters just for the fun of it.

Ellen is busy trying to redecorate the house and make big decisions on what to do with the house. And she is just being a great person.

As for me, being bishop has been a very interesting ride. Some days it is great and other days it is very trying. But the blessings do come. It has been hard worrying about people in the ward, but I know if we strive to keep the commandments and do what the Lord says, we will be blessed. But we also must be a humble people.