Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cokeville News

So we just had the big Cokeville volleyball tournament. Alta High School played Campbell County for the championship. Alta won in four. Your Cokeville team did okay, but fell to Campbell County in four the first round and struggled against Bear Lake to end up getting beat out. The match of the day was between Bonneville out of Idaho Falls and Alta. The fifth game the score was 13 to 8, favor of Bonneville. Alta started to make a run. The score on the scoreboard showed 14 to 10 favor Bonneville. Bonneville called a timeout, during the timeout, the officials noticed the scoreboard had the wrong score, it should have been 13 to 11. The change was made against complaints by Bonneville. (The rule states that the official book is the correct book no matter what and it was 13 to 11). After the timeout, Alta continued its run and ended winning 15 to 13. What a comeback! It was great volleyball. For those of you who remember an official from Preston, Idaho, Randy Moser (the guy with the zipper problem), hung up his whistle by tying it to the bottom of the net. After over 30 years, he had decided to call it quits as an official. It was quite emotional.

The football team had a scrimmage against Wind River. This scrimmage was for three quarters and the fourth was mainly a practice session. I guess Cokeville didn't do so well, but the coaches had high hopes for the coming season.

With all of the excitement of volleyball and football going on in Cokeville, the greatest news was finding out that Shari is going to have twin boys. Boys, what a shock that was. We were expecting girls at the least, not boys. Way to go Ben!! Grandma Norene was telling me that she has the same number of grandsons as granddaughters. Her great-granddaughters were ahead by two, but with the knowledge of these two new ones, she now has the same number of great-grandsons as great-granddaughters, that is why Shari was to have boys. 

Sorry, no pictures this week, but I hope to have some by next week. We love viewing everyone's posts, I should say Ellen loves it, I'm too busy to catch everyones. Keep the posting going.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics and School

So I'm here at the computer checking out the last of the Olympic events and I thought I'd better check the kids' blogs. On Breanne's, I noticed that we hadn't updated for 3 weeks! Oh well, now I have tons of things to talk about.

Three weeks ago was the fair. McKenzie and Kennan took their lambs up to show them. I thought the lambs looked really good, but the judge (who was blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other) didn't think so. All though the lamb McKenzie showed did take 5th in its group. Ellen and I took the camper up the week before to reserve our spot. It was right next to the barn where the animals were kept. 

When we went up on Monday, I stayed the night with them. At 4:30 in the morning, somebody at the fair decided that they would wash their pigs. So for the next hour and a half, you could here the pigs squeal, water running, people talking (by the way, I know it wasn't kids who got up, it was their parents who did all of the work), trucks starting (another by the way, a law should be in place for how many times you can start a diesel truck that early in the morning, the guy must not know how to start it because he practiced 15 times!), and all other noises. So I got up and left to go back to Cokeville to cut hay for Stan.

Here is McKenzie and Kennan washing their lambs before the big show. Aren't they just loving it all?
Friday of that week was the big sale of the animals. I went for the first time because Uncle Ron (who usually buys our lambs) was sick and couldn't go. He had asked me to bid on the lambs for him. I didn't know how much he was willing to spend. Stan ended up going there also to do a little campaigning. He was running for Lincoln County Commissioner. I just told him to bid on the lambs. As it turned out, the kids didn't sell their lambs until at the end, almost 5 hours later!. It was so boring, just waiting and waiting. I thought it was run very poorly. To make matters worse, if you didn't have a buyer before hand to buy your lambs, you wouldn't get much money. I felt sorry for the kids who didn't have a buyer.
Kennan is showing his lamb at the auction. McKenzie is with the lambs after the auction. All in all the kids did a good job and got a fair price for their lambs, thanks to Uncle Ron for buying and Stan for doing the buying for Ron. The family had fun at the fair, but I'm not a fair goer so I didn't care to much for it all.

Kandyce has been spending time at home before she left for school. She needed the rest to help her recover from her sickness. She is doing great. She went to St. George to visit a former companion and also went to a wedding. She also visited with a guy that she was lined up with when we went to Mesquite to do a volleyball camp. She left for school yesterday and is all ready for it to start.

We went up Pine Creek with the Teichert family to have one last get together before we start school. Actually, I started school on the 20th, McKenzie started volleyball on the 18th and Kennan started junior high football on the 19th. Yes, Kennan is playing junior high football. So here are a couple of pictures of us all there.

 We had a ball there like we always do. We just had hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and smores without the marshmallows. We forgot them.

Brady is also doing well on his mission. The district president and the mission president has challenged him to get a branch started in Jelgava by December. They moved in a couple or Russian speaking elders to help him and his companion. He is having some success. He does have some baptisms lined up for the end of the month. This is what their meeting house looks like, he's at the piano:
 The last two weeks we have been spending time watching the Olympics. What a great two weeks to watch athletes try their best. Some were successful and others weren't. Ellen really enjoyed watching the swimming and how Michael Phelps did so well. What a specimen! Ellen used to be a swimmer when she was in high school. So this meant something to her. I tried to stay up late to watch the volleyball, but there were times I'd rather sleep. I was really excited for the mens team to win the gold medal, especially after what happened to Hugh McCutcheon's family. I met Hugh a number of years ago when he was still a player at BYU. He actually worked with my team when I was at Bear Lake. When we would go to BYU to watch the men's team play and Hugh was the assistant, he would talk with me. The assistant, Ron Larson, is also a friend of mine. I met him at a team camp in Idaho Falls. He also worked with my team when I was at Bear Lake. He used to coach San Diego's mens team. When they would play BYU, I would go and visit with him. He is a great guy. And of course, I know Ryan Millar. I actually played volleyball with him at a coaching/team camp. He and I played against Carl McGown and Scott Larkin. Ryan would say, "You play here and I'll block this half of the court." It was fun. Carl had me make sure Ryan did a good job with the camp. Of course when Lauren told me her sister married Ryan, that just made it all the more cool. But I just like to see the emotion of the athletes when they would try their best. Sometimes their best wasn't good enough. Just seeing how excited even the bronze medalist would get was fun. I would really like to get a highlight video of the men's volleyball team, especially their last three matches. Kennan liked to watch the USA mens basketball team. They did a great job also. It was a great two weeks for me.

With school starting, I'll try to keep you all up-to-date with the happenings at CHS. Make sure you go to for the opportunity to listen to games online and other happenings. We are trying to get some expensive equipment to be able to bring you video feeds of our games online. So if you have tons of money and you don't know what to do with it, just let me know because we could use it for Channel 39 Panther television.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Been Awhile

Okay, so it has been awhile since we've posted last. Things just come up and I'm still reeling from the news that Shari is going to have twins. On Ben & Shari's blog, Ben mentioned how fast news can be spread. Well you know to get information out there quickly you use the two "tele" forms of communication, "telephone" and "tell a woman". (Kennan forced me to put that in.)

Just to catch you up on what has been happening in the Thompson household, Bill had the Wyoming Coaches Clinic in Casper on July 23 thru July 26. He and Ellen went and had a great time. Bill is on the Wyoming Coaches Board of Directors. He is representing volleyball and he had to plan for the clinic. He got Jeremiah Larsen, a young coach from Southeast Missouri State to come and do the clinic. Bill also received his 20 year coaching award. Yes, he is an old coach now. He also had to stay for the volleyball all-star match. Camille Petersen played in the match. When he got home, he had to go to Mesquite, Nevada with Kandyce to do a volleyball camp. If Shari thinks that 105 is hot, how about 112!!! for all four days of the camp!! The camp sessions were early in the morning so that the heat of the day wouldn't hurt the girls. They had fun.

This past week Ellen, McKenzie, and Kennan have been getting the lambs ready for fair which starts next week. They had to sheer the sheep and wash them and all that fun stuff. Bill and Ellen took their new camper up to the fair and picked out a nice spot to stay in. They should have a lot of fun up there. Last year they stayed in a tent and it rained and flooded them out. This year should be different.

Brady is doing most excellent on his mission. He is officially been out for more than one year. He is a district leader and has to go to district meetings every Friday in Riga. He has a new mission president who is making some changes. Brady tells his missionaries about the changes and he said they just whine, so he got mad at them and told them that if they will obey the new rules, they will have success. He has some baptisms lined up for this new month.

Sorry we have no new pictures to show. Once Lilli left, there was no use taking pictures of old people.