Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Ultimate Procrastinator

So yes it has been a couple of weeks, but you know, I've been a little busy lately. Or maybe I'm just a big procrastinator.

For you who have been wondering what the inside of grandma's house looks like, well look no further here are some pics.

This is looking to your right as you enter through the front door. Look how tiny her tv is. She definitely needs a bigger tv.

This is from the same spot as the last picture but now you are looking towards the southeast at the kitchen. See how open everything is.

Now your are looking from the kitchen to the front door. It is just the opposite view.

This is the kitchen. It has a big refrigerator, lots of cupboard space, a dishwasher, and lots of open area.

This is the master bedroom. It is definitely a lot bigger than her old rooms. Even the two other bedrooms are nice looking. Ellen didn't take any pictures of them because she said they look just like any other bedroom. You can barely see the master bath. It has a tub that is so big the kids could go swimming in it. And her shower is a two-seater. Yes, you can sit down in the shower!!

Ellen took a whole bunch of pictures when she was back in Georgia visiting with Ben and Shari and the kids. I only chose these two because it shows her with the kids. You may have seen them before. By the way, of the 158 pictures Ellen took, 169 of them were of the twins, go figure. 

This is grandma with all of the grandkids. Aren't they a cute bunch.

This is a picture that I really like. Ellen and Lilli trying to read each other's mind. Just like any boy, the boys just don't care what the women are doing.

Things here in Cokeville are going great. Regional wrestling was just last week-end. Cokeville won it all again with a number of kids placing. In fact, all of them placed. State is next week-end. Ellen and I are going up to broadcast the matches and take pictures for the yearbook. We have been having technical difficulties with our Channel 39. For some reason, nobody could hear the broadcast of regional wrestling. I'll be doing lots of tests this coming week.

McKenzie and the girls team won the conference in basketball. Now they go into Regionals this week-end also. They are actually ranked 3rd in the state. It should be a great Regionals. The boys are in the pig tail game on Monday. They have a really good chance of winning that one. They are playing good ball, but are just coming up short of a victory. They did beat Little Snake River at the buzzer. Now that was one exciting game. Too bad the students who were doing the broadcasting got so excited, they missed the winning shot and a lot of other things.

Kennan is done with wrestling. He had a good year. He also had fun. Now he stays after school and shoots hoops in the elementary gym. He'll be going to state wrestling and state basketball with us. Brady and Kandyce are doing well, just for your information. I guess, Ellen doesn't tell me a lot.

I am busy being a bishop. One of the awesome things about being a bishop is you get to do a lot of visiting with people. Ellen usually goes with me. We want to visit someone from the ward at least once a week on Sunday.

One last thing. Take a look at the following picture and see if you can tell where it was taken and what is unique about it. Till next time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well It's About Time

Okay, so I've been a little lax on my updating of the blog. But like all good procrastinators, I have a good reason. I'll tell you later.

Ellen has spent the last three weeks in Georgia visiting with Shari and Ben and Lilli and Alex and Aidan and Sid and Billy Bob and Bobby Bill and everybody else in Georgia. She had a great time just being with the grandkids (and Ben and Shari). She got a little homesick while she was there. Good thing she called every night the last week. Next week I'll try to upload some pictures that she took of her trip and of course the good looking grandkids that I have.

Mean while back at the farm, we fended off the wolves pretty good. Briant & Clyda Teichert family took real good care of us. Clyda made sure we didn't starve. In fact, the last Tuesday before Ellen came home we had taco Tuesday with the Teicherts. Now I can fix a mean supper, but when I was taking Kennan to Scouts, he mentioned that "that was the best tacos I've ever had", it kind of made me think that peanut butter sandwiches get old after awhile. Probably the best supper we had was when Lynne Pope dropped off a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Things are going good here. When Ellen got back she got word that her dad (Grandpa Davies) isn't doing very well. In fact, we have been told he won't last much longer. So I told Ellen she better go to Provo and at least say goodbye to him. She left today, but will be back tomorrow. His mind is still good, but his body is just not cutting it any more. I guess that is what happens when you get old. Except my mind is going and my body has went and I'm not that old!!!

McKenzie is doing well in basketball. The girls are having a really good season. They've only lost twice so far. Kennan has started junior high wrestling. He is doing okay for being a light weight. We went to Kemmerer to watch him wrestle and they didn't have anybody in his weight (65 lbs.) so they put him with the 75 lb. weight class. Here he is wrestling.
He got smoked. But he didn't quit. After this kid he ended up wrestling two kids from Cokeville. In fact, most of the kids from Cokeville wrestled each other. They should just had an official come to Cokeville and hosted the tournament there.

Most of you probably know by now that we got a new bishop in our ward and that new bishop is .......................... me. I've been so worried about how to do things and with Ellen being gone for three weeks, I just couldn't focus on keeping the blog going. But I've realized that the Lord will bless you when you do what He asks and He has asked me to be a bishop, so I'll do it. So far it has been a great blessing and I'm sure it will continue to be a great blessing. I really can't fail when I have the ward praying for me. Here is a picture of me and Ellen the day I was called.

We'll see what I look like when I am released as a bishop. So far I've lost weight, but I think that is because Ellen was gone for three weeks. Thank you for your support and I'll try to do my best.

One last thing, grandma has moved into her house and she loves it. When Ellen was gone, we had Sunday dinner there. It was weird because there was sooooo much room. I'll try to post some pictures next week of her inside. It looks really good.