Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shari & Lilli Are Here!!!!

So Shari and Lilli finally made here to Cokeville. Lilli has already been in more trouble. She loves to look at the lambs and the llama (mama, as she calls it). She loves being outside and we have to make sure the doors are shut so that when we hear them open, we know she is on her way out. The mosquitoes are eating her up, but they are also eating everyone up. They are suppose to spray just before the 4th. Here are some pictures of Lilli in her pool that her grandma bought her for her birthday. Shari can't remember what she did with Lilli's swimsuit, so try not to make fun of Lilli when she gets older.

After she went swimming, she and her grandpa got together to share stories and see who could tell the biggest lies.  Lilli showing what she thought of grandpa's first story.

Grandpa showing what he thought of Lilli's big story. Apparently Lilli couldn't believe it either.

Now somebody told a big lie that neither could contain themselves.
Apparently, neither won the contest, but both had a great time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not much

So not a lot has been happening with the family. Kandyce and Bill did a volleyball camp at Highland High School in Pocatello. They had a good time. They didn't get their checks because the lady in charge of payments was on a cruise, so they have to wait for her to come back. They stayed and had meals at some great families. They got to see a lot of Pocatello and they said it really isn't as bad as it looks. There are some really nice homes there.

McKenzie had basketball camp this past week and also a team basketball camp at Weber State. She said they had a lot of fun. Kennan had a camp out with his dad and the other 11 year old Scouts in the ward. It was held at Camp Hunt by Bear Lake. His dad said that the ground seems to be harder than normal since when they used to camp a lot. The fathers just had to spend the night. The camp didn't have food for the fathers, so Bill came home early on Saturday morning.

Ellen has been in Utah since last Wednesday. Shari flew in and spent the night at Laurel's house, then flew out the next day for Washington state to visit her in-laws. She flies in on Monday, so Ellen decided to stay the week and visit with family and friends. They will come home  when Shari flies in. Bill is excited to see his granddaughter.

The only picture we have is one of Brady on his mission. This is a picture of him in front of a castle that has been turned in to a school. He says that the days are long now. They only have about 3 hours of darkness. He loves his mission and wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, June 13, 2008

4-H Sheep

So last year Ellen decided to get some lambs for McKenzie and Kennan to raise for fair to get money. Once again, she has decided to do it again. Here is McKenzie and Kennan with their lambs. We went to the temple today and they were suppose to walk the sheep. They couldn't catch so they said and I had to go and help catch them. They pull Kennan all over the place. It is good for them. McKenzie named her's "Doofenschmertz" and Kennan named his "Ferb". It will give them something to do for the summer and it will also confine us at home.

This is where McKenzie and Kennan make the sheep jump to help them to develop strong, muscular legs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stupid Weather!!

So we've been complaining about how much rain we are getting and wishing that it would be summer. So this morning at 6:00 am we woke up to something different. Just look at the pictures and you'll see.........SNOW!!! It's summer for crying out loud. It only snows in Wyoming in the summer. Oh well, if we didn't like it, we wouldn't live here. Are you sure you want to go camping Shari??? By the way, those people who are talking about "global warming" better come to Wyoming. It ain't warm here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oops I forgot all about this!!!

So I'm just sitting here watching mom look at every body's blogs and then it dawned on me that we haven't updated our blog in a very long time. Here is mom's flower bed. This is the most tulips that she has ever seen.

This next picture is how green everything is here in Cokeville. I've never seen it so green below the house. It is because of all of the rain we have gotten. In fact, it is raining again. It has rained at least two days a week. Not just a little, but a lot. The weather is cool and not to hot. We still don't have our garden put in. It froze a couple of days ago, so maybe it is all for the better. If you look closely, you can see the llama. Yes, we have a llama. Actually it's our nephew Mike's llama. It protects the bum lambs. We call her Tina, You Fat Lard. She is going to have a baby and is a really curious animal. Kind of fun to watch.

Last week we had our volleyball camp here in Cokeville. We had Utah States women's volleyball coach come and do our camp. He is a friend of Bill's. He was sooo fun to be with. He made us all feel at home. The camp lasted for six days. He also brought one of his assistants and one of his players. His assistant is Taubi Neves from Burlington. You old Cokeville players will remember her. She actually did a pretty good job. While at the dinner table I was taking some pictures to send to Brady. Grayson DuBose (USU's coach) said he would be happy to take a picture of the family, so here is a picture of us all at the dinner table. This week Bill is doing a camp over at Bear Lake. It is just a morning camp from 7:00 to 10:00. McKenzie is going with him.

The missionaries came out to the house because one of the missionaries is from Spain. He also happens to be from Burgos, Spain. That is where Kandyce served her mission. In fact, she met this missionary's parents and they asked her to look for him. Funny how everything works out. Kandyce was able to talk to him in the "pure" Spanish. Kandyce is off doing camps all over right now. She does come home for the week-ends. She hasn't been feeling to well lately. She's scared because she doesn't know what is going on with her body. We have an appointment set up for her to see a specialist. Keep her in your prayers. The missionary from Spain is the one in the middle.

Of course this blog can't be complete with out a report from Brady. He is still in Jelgava, Latvia. He is the presiding elder there. His companion is Elder Palmer from Salt Lake City. He sent us some pictures, so we decided to post one. He is doing real well. He baptized his two African friends in May, plus one other young man from Latvia. He loves his mission and his testimony of the Atonement has grown a lot. He will be out a year come July 5th. His cousin Trevor is in the MTC right now. He will be leaving for Milwaukee the end of the month. Tomorrow there will be three missionaries from Cokeville at the same time in the MTC. Trevor, Logan Briggs, and Cameron Hoffman leaves tomorrow. That will leave Cokeville with 12 missionaries out in the field.