Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cokeville Wyoming News

Okay, so it has been awhile. I get so frustrated because our slow internet, but when you live out of town, you don't get the perks of a good DSL. So here is some news from Cokeville.

Kris Coates married Tony Cornia on Friday October 18. Ellen and McKenzie helped out in the kitchen. It was a like an old Cokeville town reunion. Many people were in attendance. It was fun to see all of the former Cokeville people come back to town.

Kennan played in his last football game against Lyman. Lyman had a kid that made me look like Kennan. He had more hair on his face than I ever thought. Needless to say, Cokeville got beat 14-2. Lyman scored a touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game. As if it would have matter, but it made them feel good about themselves. Kennan actually almost had an interception during that game. He jumped up and was bringing the ball down when someone ran into him and knocked the ball out. He starts basketball on Monday. Kandyce came home and brought him some b-ball shoes. He told his mother that he has to curl his toes in his old shoes. Thanks for telling us just before the season starts. He is really excited for it to start.

The football team got beat by Burlington two weeks ago. The score was 7-6 in a huge snowstorm. Because of the loss, Cokeville will have to travel for the playoffs. Last Thursday they played Dubois. Dubois only had 12 kids on the team and one them left his helmet back in Dubois. The score was 28-0 by the end of the first quarter. In fact, at one point, Cokeville intercepted a pass and ran it down to about the 15 yard line, Coach Dayton had them try a field goal on first down because he knew they could score a touchdown. I can't even remember the final score, something like 49-0. I tried to get the game on the internet, but we found the problem with the connection between the school and the crows nest, but we added some things and forgot to fix the internet connection. So for now, Channel 39 will not be up and running on the internet until further notice. It should be up and running before basketball season starts.

The volleyball team continues to roll. We won all of the conference games with Hanna, Encampment, Little Snake River, and Farson. The games weren't even that close. When we were coming home from the overnighter, we ran into a huge snowstorm on I-80. The tunnels by Green River were closed, but we were able to go around through Green River. It took over 6 hours to come home that night. The JV went to the Bear Lake JV tournament yesterday. They won their pool easily. The beat Star Valley (yea!!), Soda Springs, and Highland. In the bracket play the beat Century out of Pocatello in three games. In the third they came from behind to win it 15-13. So that put them in the championship with Bear Lake. Bear Lake was the only team to push us to three games. It was going to be a fun game. I played the freshmen the first game just to make sure the parents felt good about their kids playing in a championship match. We lost 25-22. The second game Bear Lake jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead before we sided out. McKenzie went back to serve and I have never seen anything like what she did. She scored the next 22 points!! By the time Bear Lake sided out the score was 23-2. We won 25-4. Bear Lake is a good passing team and McKenzie just served them off of the court. One of their players shanked a pass and looked over to the coach and said, "Wow!" So in the third we quickly fall behind 6-0 but battle back to tie the score 13-13. They called time out and I told them that their tall girl will tip so watch for the tip. McKenzie was all over the tip twice, but on the third the girl tipped to the other side and our defensive person for some reason was back in bookoo 40. They won the point and went on to win 15-13. What can you say, the girls really did play well except for the final two points. For the whole day, McKenzie had 24 aces while serving 83 times. This equates to every 4 serves, one will be an ace. Not bad. She did tweek her knee, so she is hobbling around. The girls will start Regional play on Friday in Lander. We don't know who we play yet.

Kandyce came home to watch McKenzie play. She told me her intramural team won the volleyball again for the second year in a row. She and some of her old teammates from Western Wyoming formed a team called The Spartans. She is doing well considering for the last week she had been sick with a cold.

Brady is still doing well in Latvia. He has had a couple of more baptisms. They are still trying to get a branch formed there in Jelgava. They keep getting a lot of people coming to church. Hopefully they will continue to do so. Here is one of the pictures he sent us. They were going for the "boy band look".

Ellen is helping my mom a lot lately. My mom wants to tear down her old home and put a new one in its place. We've been looking at floor plans with her on the internet. Tomorrow they are going to Logan to actually look at some homes.

I'm still being Bill. I've had a great year coaching the JV team. Of course it is always fun when you win. I think our varsity team is going to be good for a while. I wanted to add more pictures but I can't connect to the server at the high school to get some, so I'll have to try again later.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is going to be short because our internet is very, very slow right now. I won't be putting any pictures on.

Conference was great. We watched all of the sessions as a family. Kandyce came up to be with us. It was fun to have her with us. Can't wait for the November Ensign to come out so I can read the talks. I enjoyed Elder Wirthlen's talk.

The football team won again. They beat Hanna at Hanna 46-0. Mt. View has been the only team to score on the Panthers. The volleyball team lost a heartbreaker to Rich on Thursday. (I know I told everyone it was to be on Wednesday, my bad). We lost the first game 25-22, then we were up 24-21 in the second, but got beat 26-24, then we rolled over and died the last game. The next night we went to Pinedale and beat them pretty good. This week is our overnighter to LSRV, Encampment, and Hanna. The JV is undefeated so far. The freshmen were until this last week and it was like they had never played volleyball in their life. It wasn't the best.

The family is doing well and the weather is starting to get colder. The leaves are changing and the countryside is gorgeous!! Heavenly Father is putting on a great show. Make sure you watch it. Reminder, if you want to watch anything via the internet, just let me know what you want to watch and at what time and I'll set it up for you.