Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Catching Up

Well now I've really done it and postponed a little more, but I have a little time so I'll try to catch you up with what has happened here at the house hold.

After our trip to Nauvoo, the big wedding week. Kandyce and Clay Bolton were married on August 7, 2009. Do you know any one else who was married on this day? Yep, Ellen and I were married 29 years ago. To me, life has been so sweet with Ellen that time doesn't really matter. Here are some pictures of the whole deal. This first picture is of all of the girls in the family. Aren't they good looking? Just so you know, it goes Breanne, Shari, Kandyce, and McKenzie.

It was great to have Ben and Shari and their family come up for the wedding. The twins are so cute and Lilli is adorable. The reception was held on August 6. We have discovered that if you have the reception before the wedding, you can really enjoy the wedding without any worries.

Here is the anticipated family picture. Ellen and I with our sons and daughters together for the first time since many years ago.

Here is a shot of the happy couple coming out of the temple. There were like 62 weddings that day. The temple had been closed for a month and it had just reopened the week of the wedding. Couples were just waiting in line to get their picture taken. Don't they look gorgeous?

Here is the whole family, grandsons and granddaughter included. We were just missing Greg. There was a line of other families that were waiting for us while we took pictures. Our family is slowly getting bigger.

I like this picture of two of Kandyce's friends that came to the wedding, Megan Larson and Katie Cammack. I just like their looks as Clay kisses Kandyce. We actually have some really good pictures of them bantering (fancy word) with each other.

Kandyce and Lilli doing their impersonation of Marilyn Monroe. I don't even know who discovered the air vent. It was probably Lilli.

Of course I can't show a picture without the happy couple with Ellen and I. Thanks goes to Megan and Katie for taking these candid pictures. They were fun to look at. Yes my hair is getting grayer. It all comes from teenage daughters, coaching, and being a bishop. It actually blends into the temple wall!

I couldn't pass up posting another picture of the girls. They just look pretty. You can see how they all look like each other. You'll have to tell who each one is. Hint: Kandyce is in the wedding dress.

And I couldn't pass up this picture of Ben and Shari and their children. What a happy family. The boys weren't too happy about things going on just then.

And of course, a picture of Breanne spoiling her nephews. She is pretty good at making her nephews think she is the greatest aunt in the world. Aidan on the left and Alex on the right.

It was a great week for the wedding and everything was just great. Lots of family and friends gathered together.

So while Ben and Shari were here, we decided to go up Pine Creek and have a little cook out. We just did smores and hot dogs. We also took the 4-wheelers up and went for little trips. Ben's parents came down from Washington and spent a couple of days with us. They figured with Ben being so close, they would drive down and visit. It was great to see them again. Nice picture of Lilli getting all dirty and climbing around. She couldn't stay out of the dirt.

The twins were all belted up so they couldn't get dirty. I'm sure they would have loved to roll around in the dirt.

We also went to Salt Lake to Hogle Zoo. Just a couple of shots of Lilli and McKenzie being pals.

After the zoo, we went to Ben's favorite restaurant, Rodizios(?). It was great having them here. I already miss them and it has only been two months. You can go to Shari's blog page to see more pictures of their trip home.

So that has been our summer. It was very busy for awhile, but it was all worth it. Especially spending time with family and friends.

I'll try to post some pictures of the kids in school and what not later. I'll also let you know how volleyball has been going.


Isaiah and Emily Smith Family said...

Hey Bill!! Love the blog! It is so good to hear what is going on in Cokeville! Congrats on all the family being together too - that is awesome!!

~ Emily (murdock) Smith

bre said...

Thanks for the update! Those pics of lilli and the boys are so cute! You need to post pics of the house!! Love ya!